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What is a Veterinary Doctor?

The Veterinary Doctor is summarized as the person who is dedicated to curing and preventing animal diseases . He is the person who interprets the signs and symptoms that his patient has because he does not speak.


The word veterinarian comes from Latin word “ Veterinarius ”. According to the writer Cato, “ Veterinarius ” was the expert and practitioner of the art of curing veterinae or veterina, that is, beasts of burden. Refers to someone who treats animals, or conditions of pack animals.


The Veterinary Doctor is a professional who is responsible for preventing, diagnosing and curing, clinically or surgically, pathologies that affect animals . “He is your doctor.” They require modern veterinary studies & work in both the public and private spheres.


In addition to diagnosing sick and injured animals, veterinarians are essential in health , preventing the transmission of diseases from animals to humans and advising owners on the necessary care for animals.


Types of veterinarians

Not all people who study veterinary medicine work in the same areas, there are differences within the field:


Those who work with small animals (pets)

Those who work with large animals and farms

Wild animals

The researchers

Those who work in healthcare

Specialists (surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, oncologists, etc.)

What does a Veterinary Doctor do?

In general terms, Veterinary Doctors do the following activities.


They diagnose animal health problems

They vaccinate against diseases such as rabies

Treatments of infections or diseases

They treat wounds

They heal fractures

Minor or complex surgeries

They advise pet owners on animal nutrition, behavior and husbandry.

Diagnostic tests, such as blood, stool, x-rays, ultrasound, etc.

Veterinarians also work in the area of ​​public health. They help prevent animal and human diseases (zoonoses). In the case of epidemiologists, they investigate outbreaks of animal and human diseases, such as those transmitted by food, avian flu, rabies, encephalitis, etc.