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Are you in search of professionals to seek general medical consultations from? Not sure which specialist to go to? Here at Ask Doctors, we have medical experts dedicated to provide you solutions for every minor inconvenience, If required - experts will guide you to right specialists for better medical help. Amidst the hustle in fast moving world our experts are always available at your fingertips to assist you anytime anywhere. free online doctor consultation, that too from the comfort of your home. With just a tap, you can access a list of skilled general physicians and choose the one that suits you best at zero cost. This user friendly platform not just connects patients and doctors for free but also has listed natural herbs for several diseases, that too at very minimal price and no side effects.

Services Offered:

Anytime access to health experts:

Ask Doctors is an active interface for all your emergency needs, where anytime -anywhere access to doctors is available for patients.

Expert general physician consultation:

We believe in patient satisfaction both physically and mentally and hence provide expert physician consultations to not just cure the illness physically but also get onto the rootcause , and help the patients build a strong mental support towards the treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment:

Our free online general physicians use clinical expertise and technology blend to examine the rootcause of the health problem and provide precise personalised treatment to cure the issue.

How it works:

Sign Up: Create an account on our platform. It's quick, easy, and free.

Fill in Your Details: Provide your symptoms details and medical history to help the doctor understand your discomfort and need clearly.

Connect with a general physician: Choose from the listed specialists to know the treatment for your illness in just a tap that too for free and get assisted in sustaining your healthy lifestyle.

Personalized Guidance: Directly connect with the expert to get personalized guidance about your overall health concerns and head to a healthy lifestyle ahead.

Receive Recommendations: Get personalised recommendations according to your health concerns including diet, exercise, DOs and DONTs etc.

Follow-Up Support: What else do we look upon apart from consultancy? Satisfaction! Here at Ask Doctors we believe in patient's satisfaction and hence ensure follow-up along with consultations to ensure progress.