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The role of the urologist: what is it and what does it do?

It is well said that for love there is always "a broken one, for a ripped one" and the same happens with medicine, for each disease a specialist. What is it and what does the urologist do? 

the urologist 

The urologist is the specialist in treating all those conditions related to the urinary tract of men and women , as well as the male genital apparatus . It has been believed that only men are treated, but this is not the case because they are specialists in kidneys , glands , ureters, bladder and urethra and their objective is to maintain the correct functioning of these organs in addition to the prostate , the penis , testicles and seminal vesicles .

Despite the fact that the urologist has a wide range of attention to different conditions, there are also specialties within urology that are dedicated to addressing specific conditions such as Urogynecology that treats urinary incontinence in women, Andrology that treats erectile dysfunction, impotence and infertility in men or the Reconstructivist Urologist who, together with the Uroncologist , reconstructs and treats conditions such as prostate cancer, kidneys, bladder, penis and testicles.

What conditions does it treat?

The urologist has now become a high-level specialist for various diseases, being able to control diseases through drugs , but they are also specialists in treating through minimally invasive interventions such as Laparoscopies, Endoscopies and Radiological treatments.

Some of the conditions they treat are:

Benign and malignant tumors

Problems with the organs of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system

Lithiasis or the formation of calculi or stones

Kidney malformations

Stones and blood in the urine

Erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems.


It is important to mention that despite the fact that 40 years is the average age to frequently go to a general check-up with the urologist from an early age and thereby detect diseases in time.