pediatrician doctor consultation

The pediatrician is the specialist doctor in charge of comprehensively treating the health problems of children, this from the age of birth to the end of adolescence, they monitor in a very detailed way the correct growth both physically and at a psychomotor level.

The main focus of the pediatrician is the prevention of diseases through continuous monitoring of the patient's medical history in order to make necessary changes, eliminating risk factors that may lead to the appearance of diseases or alterations during the growth stage.

Why take my son to the pediatrician ?

For parents, keeping their children in a correct state of health is very important. The pediatrician is essential during the first years of the child's life, since going to constant check-ups makes it possible for the doctor to notice any unusual change in the health of the minor and thus search in detail for any pathology that affects the growth and health of the child.

The pediatrician is also in charge of taking care of the correct immunization of infants, that is, he is in charge of supervising and applying the vaccines in a timely manner.

Taking our children to the pediatrician is essential for their health !

What diseases does the pediatrician treat ?

As we have said before, the pediatrician focuses on treating all kinds of pathologies that affect children, as well as taking care of their development.

In our clinic you can find the best pediatrician specialized in treating diseases such as:

- Inguinal hernia: It is a common pathology in children, it is estimated that 5 out of 100 children suffer from it, this disease generates a small bulge in the groin or an enlargement in the scrotum due to the opening of the lower abdominal wall that allows it to flow liquid or part of the intestine, Its treatment is surgical, which consists of closing the communication that exists between the intestine and the inguinal region.

- Pyloric stenosis: It is a medical problem that affects the digestive tract of the infant, causing frequent vomiting, which if not treated in a timely manner can cause problems such as dehydration. The treatment for this disease is a surgery called pyloromyotomy which involves cutting the thickened muscles of the pylorus to remove the obstruction.

- Umbilical hernia: It is a disease that originates when the intestines, fat or liquid make their way through a weak point or a hole in the muscles of the baby's abdomen, this causes a bulge near the navel, the treatment is surgical in the which hernia is repaired.