Mental Health Consultation

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What do mental health specialists do?

Everyday life became a constant challenge: the pressure to achieve the goals that are socially “stipulated” for each stage of life; meet school, work and family demands; get along in an always connected world; deal with stress and a fast-paced life, and we could continue mentioning situations that seem to bring a great weight, difficult for many to bear.

Traditionally, people have gone to psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts when they feel that they cannot, on their own, overcome the problems that afflict them and recover their mental health; However, today there are specialists in fields that have been making inroads in modern society, such as bio coaches and holistic therapists.

Among the wide range that is presented, many wonder who to turn to? It is important to inform yourself and know the profile of these professionals, take into account each case, since what works for some may not apply to others, analyze how much the situation is affecting their functionality in daily life and decide on the expert who adapts. to expectations, needs and even medical requirements.

Yok consulted a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a psychoanalyst, a biocoach and an instructor certified by the Ask doctors , to learn about their profile and what their work consists of and the process they carry out with their patients.